The daily rant!
11 Jan, 2018

The daily rant!

The daily rant is an article I'll update regularly if I feel I need to complain about something :-)
Each rant will be short, dated and to the point. 

11/01 2018

God Dam*** Apple. I have a heavily throttled iPhone 6 - something you did without telling me - but you will not exchange the battery (which you say causes the throtteling) because the phone has a defective headphone jack.
That has to be the worst customer service EVER! Those two things are not related at all, and I don't care about the headphone jack.
I hope you get screwed over by huge amounts of planned obsolescense law suits. You really have it coming! 

24/11 2017
Sometimes I just wish the internet wasn't there...  All the Black friday offers available in the US by manufacturers to prices that we Danes can only dream of, are.... Really really annoying!!!

24/10 2017
The day Apple Pay arrived to Denmark... DO NOT USE IT - PERIOD!!
All it does is undermine the "Dankort" because it only works with international creditcards that has exorbitant transaction fee's - payed by the store, and later on all of us because the price of goods then needs to go up.
@Apple: If you want us to use Apple Pay, do it right, lets use the "Dankort" and accept you can't have these massive fee's for transactions.

19/10 2017

“Why Adobe, Why? With new lightroom versions now only available on subscription my Adobe days are over. Why anyone would use cataloging (archive) software on subscription beats me. You are commited 100% to Adobe and the price they ask - for life - if you want to do anything more than read from your library. So LR6 will be my last Adobe program - time to look elsewhere”

03/10 2017
Dammit Apple, I know you want to sell Apple Music subscriptions but this is going too far. As an Apple watch owner with my own music collection, I have to install the worst bloatware ever (iTunes) and sync - via cable, yes you read it correct, cable - music to my phone to get it onto my watch. For god sake, it's not 1998 any more!

29/9 2017
Will someone inform Adobe that Lightroom is border line unusable on 4K monitors? They do not seem to get the message from the million posts online. It doesn't cache anything when using 4K so EVERY image change in all modules causes a full rerender... takes forever. The slowest software ever! 

27/9 2017
Pigeons, why the H*** did evolution invent those? One car completely craped over by these flying rats for no good reason! If only I had a permit from the city, my pelletgun and I would seek a horrible revenge

22/9 2017
Okay - Need a new phone! The 6 plus was just plain under powered from the get-go, and iOS 10/11 did me NO favors. How slow can a phone get? This phone is the black sheep, the iPad 3 of iPhones. Just ordered an 8 plus - I do not need to gamble with FaceID taking forever to unlock my phone.  

19/9 2017
Great - iOS 11 made my iPhone 6 plus the slowest phone on the planet. c'mon Apple, you elected to equip it with only 1Gb RAM when 3Gb was standard with Android. Now you need to show you can make an OS run acceptably with this!